Anti sweating treatment

The weather is starting to show signs of promise. Spring is upon us, and soon we'll be bathed in glorious sunshine and feeling hot (and yes, sweaty!)

Did you know that botulinum toxin A injections can be used to stop sweating? It's a very effective treatment and dryness typically lasts 4 to 12 months, but some studies have found it can last as long as 14 months.

How does it work?

 It is a natural, purified protein with the ability to temporarily block the secretion of the chemical that is responsible for "turning on" the body's sweat glands. By blocking, or interrupting, this chemical messenger, botulinum toxin "turns off" sweating at the area where it has been injected. Botox injections are injected just below the surface of the skin, where it remains.

How effective is this treatment?

Botox has been shown to result in an 82-87% decrease in sweating. Results start to be noticeable approximately 2 to 4 days after treatment with the full effects usually noted within 2 weeks.  Additional statistics from published research studies have shown that repeated treatment with Botox is safe and effective for hyperhidrosis and consistently results in meaningful, long-lasting improvements in an excessive sweating patient’s symptoms, daily functioning, and quality of life. Botox treatment for hyperhidrosis has also been scientifically proven to improve on-the-job productivity. 

What happens during the treatment?

The use of Botox for the treatment of hyperhidrosis can be most effective when performed by a physician who has received special training and who has experience with the procedure. Dr Tracey Hopwood at New You facial Aesthetics has been fully trained to perform this treatment.

Injections require relatively little time (very experienced medical professionals can inject both underarms in less than 10 minutes), and do not demand any restrictions in work or leisure activity (aside from refraining from intensive exercise or the use of a sauna on the day of the injections). Prior to Botox injections in the underarms, it’s best not to shave that area. Many physicians, in fact, prefer three to four days of hair growth prior to Botox injections. 

During the procedure, a very fine needle is used to inject tiny amounts of Botox just under the skin intermittently throughout the area of excessive sweating (in a grid pattern, approximately every 1 to 2 centimeters.) Multiple injections are given based on your doctor's assessment of the area that needs to be treated. To ease any potential discomfort, local anaesthetic cream can be applied prior to treatment. 

After you receive Botox injections for any focal area, it’s recommended that you follow-up with your healthcare provider in 1 to 2 weeks. This follow-up is highly useful because it enables your physician to ‘touch-up’ any sweating areas that may have been missed during the first round of injections and ensure that you are getting the treatment’s full benefit.

Who is best suited for this treatment?

Anybody over the age of 18yo can have this treatment- with only a few exceptions (pregnant or breast-feeding women, people on certain medications and those with neuro-muscular disorders etc).

Its great for people having to do presentations at work, where anxiety can make their sweating worse and where looking fresh and unflustered can improve your overall appearance.

It's also great for sports people. While sweating is an essential body function for temperature-control, localized body areas house only a small percentage of the body's sweat glands (the underarms, for instance, are home to less than 2% of the body’s sweat glands.) The temporary cessation of these sweat glands' functioning, therefore, has little to do with body thermoregulation.

What is hyperhidrosis?

In some people, the body’s mechanism for cooling itself is overactive — so overactive that they may sweat four or five times more than is necessary, or normal. When sweating is this extreme it can be embarrassing, uncomfortable, anxiety-inducing, dangerous, and disabling.

Hyperhidrosis afflicts millions of people around the world (nearly 5% of the world's population). It often disrupts all aspects of a person's life, from career choices and recreational activities to relationships, emotional well-being, and self-confidence. 

There are a number of treatments available for hyperhidrosis including antiperspirants, lasers, oral medications and surgery. Botox is one treatment that can be extremely effective.

How much does it cost?

At New You Facial Aesthetics the charge for this treatment is £290. This includes the top-up appointment.

Botox / botulinum toxin A treatment to the underarm area to stop sweating / treat hyperhidrosis

Botox / botulinum toxin A treatment to the underarm area to stop sweating / treat hyperhidrosis